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Monthly Style Summary to End February 2015

Shrugging off lingering uncertainty over the strength of the economic and corporate profits recovery across Western markets, evidence of a slowdown in the Far East, continuing concerns regarding the durability of the Eurozone, and global risks of deflation, equity markets appeared to focus instead on the benefits from low energy costs and rose significantly during the month. Not surprisingly, High Beta stocks rose sharply; but Style returns were otherwise mixed.

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Monthly Style Summary to End January 2015

World equity markets had a mixed start to the year, held back by the US, where continuing dollar strength weighed down multinationals. In local terms, many markets fared well, especially the Eurozone with the announcement of QE (and despite the anti-austerity Greek vote) though these gains were offset with the fall in the Euro. Against this background, Growth and Momentum flourished, and Value underperformed.

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