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Wednesday 13th April, 2011

Version 7 of the Portfolio Analyzer saw the introduction of a revamped Find Stocks window, covering both the Equity and Bond universes. Basic functionality should be easy to grasp. Here we describe some of the more advanced features.

1.     The search criteria can include the <, >, <> and = symbols, examples include:

a. “> 0” in the Price and Market Value columns excludes all equities with a missing Price or Market Value.

b. “> SAP” in the Company Name column, returns all equities where the company name is alphabetically greater than “SAP”. In this example 14,086 equities are returned from SAP AG to ZZNode Technologies!

c. “<> null” in the Rating column, returns all bonds that have a rating. This type of search can be used in all columns that have missing values.

2. The check box Use OR for filtering applies the OR logical operator to all the search criteria entered in the Search Bar for example:

a. “Belg Lux” in the Country column produces a list of all equities in Belgium or Luxembourg

b. “> 2040” in Maturity Date column and “Y” in the Perpetual column lists all bonds which are either perpetual or mature after the year January 1st 2040.

3. Clicking on a column heading sorts the list ascending by that column, clicking again reverses the sort order.

4. The order of the columns in the Find Stocks window can be changed. Right click and select “Change Column Order” to access this facility. Once set these setting will be saved and used for all subsequent sessions.

5. Entering text in the search box causes the text to turn red. After a short delay the text turns blue and the filter is applied. The timing of this delay can be adjusted from the Help>Change Search Timer Delay menu item.


Author: Jeremy Margetts | Categories: Uncategorized

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