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Q1 2017 Factor Performance Study Webinar – RECAP

Thursday 13th April, 2017

Every month and quarter, Style Research produces an in-depth series of reports covering key equity factors. On April 11th, 2017, Style Research communicated our Q1 2017 Factor Performance Study via a heavily-attended, live webinar.


Attendees of the webinar gained additional insight into the first quarter of 2017, beyond the value reversal headline.

In US equities the value underperformance was nuanced, and came primarily from three specific value measures. Specific factors within growth were strong. We also saw the 2016 underperformance of low beta continue throughout this past quarter while some key quality factors were weak. These findings indicate that all value-oriented portfolios will not see equal pressure during Q1-2017 performance reviews. It’s likely that value portfolios with high exposures to the specific factors detailed in our results will face the strongest headwinds.

European equities also experienced a shift away from value and towards growth factors, but that shift could be explained mostly by sectors and countries.  

Emerging Markets differed from the US and European markets. Specific value factors  continued their strong 2016 run along with general strength in growth factors. Additionally, quality factors, which closed last year on a high note, underperformed in Q1 2017.

Regardless of the market, our research continues to show that understanding which specific style-themed factors were strong and which were weak is key to setting expectations for upcoming portfolio reviews.  


Get the complete breakdown of which specific factors contributed to the changes seen in the Style Research Q1 2017 Factor Performance Study. Click here to access the full recording of the webinar and request PDF copies of the various reports by region.

To learn how to receive detailed Style Summary analysis from Style Research every month and quarter, please contact us.

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Learn more about our Q1 2017 Regional Factor Performance Reports. Access the live webinar recording with factor analysis from Bernie Nelson.

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