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Driving Differentiation with a Factor Framework: Catch the Encore!

Wednesday 31st May, 2017

Discover ways to distinguish funds on our recent webinar recording

Style Research held a webinar on factor analytics, presented by our COO, Dr. Peter Hopkins, an expert in portfolio analysis and investment research. Peter focused on how a factor-based approach can pinpoint differentiation between funds, even those that might seem similar. He also discussed how analyzing factors consistently – connecting market, peer group and individual portfolio performance – leads to a clearer investment picture backed by objective and unambiguous metrics. The webinar is geared toward investment professionals grappling with the proliferation of factors and lack of adequate analytics. You can access the recording here.

Global Large Cap Study Style Factors VS Peers

Real-world case studies comparing competitive investment products rounded out the discussion and provided practical guidance suitable for fund managers, asset owners and investment consultants. Peter demonstrated how a more accurate perspective is gained when factors reveal underlying – and sometimes unexpected – portfolio exposures that are often missed with broad, opaque classifications such as style boxes.

The 30-minute recording is available online. We also invite you to submit any questions and comments to discuss the topic further. You will receive a response from Peter and the Style Research team.

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