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TabbFORUM Interview #1: Factor Investing – The Key to Investment Success

Monday 22nd January, 2018

Style Research’s Bernie Nelson sits down with Larry Tabb of TABB Group for TabbFORUM’s first-ever video series on factor investing, to discuss its growing influence and popularity.

Style Research’s President, North America, Bernie Nelson recently caught up with Larry Tabb at TABB Group to discuss the rising popularity of factor investing, and the challenges and opportunities it brings to asset managers and investors for a TabbFORUM video series.

Increasingly, investors are making the move from active to passive investing, and the popularity of quantitative investment strategies continues to rise. So how exactly should quantitative factors be assessed to understand performance?

Nelson explains to viewers the history of factor investing, what a factor is specifically and what are the different meanings and purposes behind factors within the investment world. He also explores the evolution of factor investing and why it has developed into what it is today.

“In the last 10 or 15 years there has been  a burgeoning of research papers and people looking at more and more factors. We’ve literally got hundreds of factors to examine,” explained Nelson when asked about the rising popularity of factor investing in recent years.

With so many potential factors to examine, it can certainly become overwhelming for asset managers and investors alike. That’s where Style Research comes in. Nelson explains how Style Research’s clients are successfully using clear visuals by highlighting factor biases in portfolios within color-coded style themes, and “…being transparent to show the underlying building blocks that build those styles.”

Interested in learning more about factor investing and what opportunities are available to investors? Watch Bernie’s full interview with Larry Tabb on TabbFORUM.


Check out the second factor investing video in the series for more insight on the vital role transparency will play in future of factor investing.


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