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Solutions for Multi-Managers

For professionals tasked with selecting, constructing, and monitoring portfolios

Multi-managers and fund of funds managers have unique challenges. These are driven by the need for detailed and independent portfolio analysis both at an aggregate and individual fund level.

Style Research helps the world’s leading fund of funds managers with selection, construction and monitoring of fund of funds portfolios — all with fully integrated, up to date fund holdings data.

Style Research gives fund of funds managers:

  • Comprehensive, transparent holdings based fund and composite portfolio analysis
  • Highly intuitive visualizations of exposures, risk and performance including the industry-leading Style Research Skyline™
  • Peer group analysis for fund searches and competitor evaluation
  • Market trends and factor performance across major developed and emerging markets

Selecting Portfolios

Assessing a fund manager’s investment style removes ‘star manager’ bias, builds confidence and trust in that fund manager and enables more productive fund manager meetings.

  • Understand detailed analysis of portfolio performance track records, factor biases, risks (including ex-ante and active share), sector positioning and liquidity
  • Screen fund universes to target specific fund characteristics and identify shortlist candidates
  • Reveal how factor biases are influencing performance and risk
  • Query whether managers are following their stated investment strategy
  • Shield decisions from unintended consequences — such as momentum factor bias, or market-based risk
  • Assess behaviour, valuation and the likely return patterns of various factor strategies in different market environments

Constructing Portfolios

Understand the full consequences of combining funds together, and see the complete impact of a portfolio change under consideration by running multiple ‘what if’ scenarios.

  • See how decisions affect an overall portfolio’s style and risk — such as changes in ex-ante tracking error, sector and country weights or factor exposures
  • Assess which portfolios have diversifying potential, or which steer the fund of funds towards the desired overall characteristics
  • Perform detailed analysis to assess fund correlations, fund of funds risk and stocks in common to understand the degree to which portfolios overlap
  • Get a reliable ‘like for like’ comparisons within a peer group to understand how funds with similar objectives are exposed to different factors, compare risk profiles, and review characteristics over time

Monitoring Portfolios

Tracking a portfolio over time to uncover shifts that could impact characteristics is critical to assess on-going performance and risk.

  • Monitor for changes in factor exposures, risk, and sector or country allocations
  • Ensure a portfolio manager remains true to their investment process
  • Use peer group analysis to monitor alternative fund choices
  • Leverage our universe of global factor performance data from 1980 onwards to report on trends over time.

Painless Data Sourcing

Style Research makes holdings-based portfolio analysis effortless. Our platform automatically collects fund holdings direct from asset managers as soon as it’s available or provides access to third-party data sources.

Want to investigate deeper?

Our factor experts can reveal your portfolio’s true underlying characteristics:

  • Show how each sub fund contributes to the overall composite portfolio
  • Review your portfolio against over 100 core fundamental factors
  • Highlight sub-fund correlations and key statistics, such as stocks in common
  • Reveal a detailed risk and performance breakdown, showing which portfolios and stocks in your portfolio are driving observations

We can also show you how to execute a ‘like for like’ comparison of one of your sub-funds against any peer or competitive fund set, and help you see the results of a ‘what if’ scenario for a portfolio change you may be considering.

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