Clear Portfolio Analytics & Communications

Solutions for Asset Owners

INCLUDING:  Pension Funds  |   Sovereign Wealth Funds  |  Endowments & Foundations

Style Research solutions address the unique needs of investment owners. Gain clear perspective into the style-oriented factors driving portfolios. Perform comprehensive fund analysis and ongoing due diligence, and make confident investment and manager decisions. Communicate and collaborate effectively with stakeholders and counterparts based on consistent, transparent analytics that paint a complete picture of portfolios.

  • Portfolio and Fund Analysis and Monitoring
  • Reporting and Communications
  • Manager Research, Assessment and Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Analysis and Research

Portfolio Analysis

  • Analysis and insights into the style, risk and performance attribution of internally and externally managed investments
  • Supporting analysis for internal reviews and sponsor reports
  • Communications with external managers
  • Manager search, shortlist evaluations and finalist comparisons
  • Total plan and detailed fund of funds and multi-manager analysis
  • Portfolio due diligence monitoring and analysis

Peer & Competitor Analysis

  • Fund analysis and comparisons through time, against identified competitors and standard or bespoke peer groups
  • Manager searches, shortlist evaluations and tailored peer group analysis
  • Fund of funds construction and review

Market Analysis

  • Flexible Style-based and factor-based investment research
  • Review and statistical appraisal of systematic investment strategies and portfolio construction methods
  • Monitoring manager performance against user-defined theme-based investment strategies
  • Factor-based stock selection
  • Time series data on security fundamentals

Global style perspectives & monthly style summary

  • Review, interpretation and appraisal of key global equity investment themes
  • Current and historical analysis of key Style factors within individual markets and across global market regions
  • Statistical evaluation of the significance and forecastable nature of the important Styles
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