Clear Portfolio Analytics & Communications

Solutions for Consultants & Advisors

INCLUDING:  Consultants  |  Custodians  |   RIAs & FIAs

  • Portfolio Analysis and Monitoring
  • Manager Research, Assessment and Selection
  • Client Reporting and Communications
  • Due Diligence, Market Analysis and Research
  • Fund Research, Assessment and Selection
  • Marketing and Sales

Portfolio Analysis

  • Analysis and insights into the style, risk and performance attribution of client portfolios
  • Manager research, shortlist evaluations and finalist comparisons; due diligence
  • Total investment portfolio or plan synopsis and detailed multi-manager analysis
  • Portfolio due diligence monitoring and analysis
  • Meaningful reports and analysis for client investment reviews and marketing

Peer & Competitor Analysis

  • Fund comparisons through time, against identified competitors and standard or bespoke peer groups
  • Manager searches, shortlist evaluations and tailored peer group analysis
  • Communications and reporting with competitive positioning to support investment recommendations
  • Fund of funds construction and review

Market Analysis

  • Flexible style-based and factor-based investment research
  • Review and statistical appraisal of systematic investment strategies and portfolio construction methods
  • Monitoring manager performance against user-defined theme-based investment strategies

Global style perspectives & monthly style summary

  • Review, interpretation and appraisal of key global equity investment themes
  • Current and historical analysis of key style factors within individual markets and across global market regions
  • Statistical evaluation of the significance and forecastable nature of the important styles
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