Clear Portfolio Analytics & Communications


Clear Communications: The Basis for Portfolio Collaboration

At the heart of growth for any investment portfolio lives confident communications. Transparent communications incorporating objective, insightful portfolio analytics are essential to connect the audiences that matter – whether they are plan sponsors, consultants, fund and multi-fund managers, or even internal colleagues. Foster effective collaboration and better business results with visibility into what is truly driving portfolios. Style Research delivers precise, consistent analytics based on intuitive, accepted factors. Gain a deeper understanding of portfolios across the spectrum of style, risk and performance:

Style Research strikes the balance of forming the most complete picture, while bringing focus and simplicity to the process. With clear insights, each participant in the investment process – from portfolio managers to risk officers to asset owners – can collaborate effectively, make better decisions and recommendations, and build relationships with each other based on trust and transparency.

The Enterprise Platform for Portfolio Analytics

Style Research solutions are available on a singular, web-based platform to provide integrated, enterprise-wide access. Whether your team is collaborating internally or with stakeholders, the Enterprise platform results in consistent and efficient analysis. Multiple counterparts access the same research, ensuring transparency and building trust between parties. Crisp, informative graphics efficiently tell investment stories, and are increasingly recognized as a reporting standard across the industry.

The Style Research Enterprise Platform

The Enterprise platform presents a clean interface, customizable features and straightforward navigation. The result is an intuitive, refreshing experience accessed anytime, anywhere.



Compare funds using trusted, objective style analytics to identify the underlying differences between similar funds. Peer Insights – available on the Style Research Enterprise platform – reveals unforeseen insights to identify the drivers of portfolios, their unexpected exposures and varying levels of risk. Use Peer Insights to compare one fund directly to another, to a custom peer group of funds or to a benchmark.

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