Clear Portfolio Analytics & Communications

Portfolio Analysis

Enterprise Platform for Style and Risk Analysis, Performance Attribution, Fund of Funds Construction

The Style Research Enterprise solution, with exceptional graphics and reporting capabilities, offers intuitive and transparent insights into equity fund style, risk and performance.

Browser-based access with online reporting and portfolio analysis facilitates transparent communication throughout the organization, and with clients, prospects and consultants. The cloud-based solution requires no local maintenance, reducing I.T. costs. The easy-to-use interface with drill-down features provides a single solution for equity portfolio analysis and reporting.

Style Skylines highlight individual Style Tilts™ of portfolios/funds against benchmarks using a choice of over 90 fundamental factors showing the key style characteristics of any equity fund.
Style distributions complement the Style Skyline™ and show where assets are invested relative to the distribution of the market and/or benchmark.
Risk analysis assesses the overall level of risk, providing detailed attribution to currency, market, sector and style factors and stock selection. We also estimate the distorting impact of mean averting and mean reverting performance tendencies through the Persistence Ratio™.
Historical analysis graphs all style, structure and risk information over time showing the changes, drift or stability of portfolios.
Liquidity analysis details the percentages of a portfolio that can be liquidated or traded to the benchmark.
Performance attribution complements the risk analysis, decomposing the returns into currency, market, sector and style allocation and stock selection decisions.
Access to portfolio analysis of third party equity funds sourced by Style Research.


Portfolio Analyzer

  • Flexible and comprehensive analysis for global equity and fixed income portfolios.
  • Portfolio analysis covering investments in developed, emerging and frontier equity markets and fixed income securities denominated in 111 currencies. Supported by security-level data for over 76,000 equity issues and more than 1.8 million bonds.
  • Flexible reports communicate the key aspects of style, risk and performance attribution for individual equity portfolios and equity funds of funds. Full structure and risk analysis of fixed income and balanced portfolios and funds of funds.
Equity Analysis Fixed Income Analysis
Clear, in depth,holdings-based and returns-based analysis. Fully integrated within the Portfolio Analyzer service.
Includes The Front Page, Style Skylines™ and Style Distributions reports used
by world-leading investing institutions.
Focused fixed income analysis as well as multi-asset (bonds, equities and cash) balanced reports.
Single market and multi-market fund of funds capability. Total portfolio characteristics and structural decomposition together with detailed risk analysis and risk attribution.
Flexible performance attribution analysis, directly comparable to our sources of risk model
or with user-defined criteria.
Coverage of fixed and floating rate securities as well as mortgage backed and agency instruments.
Derivatives analysis capability for index futures and forward contracts. Derivatives analysis capability for interest rate futures, swaps, CDSs and forward contracts.

ESG Analysis

Incorporate ESG Factors into Portfolio Analysis

  • Gain detailed insights into ESG factors in portfolios
  • Access data from multiple ESG experts in one place
  • Consider ESG exposures alongside traditional measures
  • Drill deeper into individual E, S & G measures for greater insight

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors are weighing increasingly into investment discussions for asset managers, asset owners and consultants. Yet there remain numerous questions about which factors are relevant, how they can be compared, and how the information can be communicated to clients, committees and investment boards alongside traditional style factors.

Style Research has partnered with expert ESG data providers – Trucost, MSCI ESG and oekom research – to ensure that you have the broadest, clearest perspectives into a range of E, S and G factors in portfolios, down to the security level and all in one place.

With Style Research, you can now visualize ESG factors alongside other style factors using our consistent and unbiased approach. Discover what is really going on with ESG in portfolios and communicate these insights confidently to others in a way that they can understand clearly.

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